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Arthur Ford


Brenda Matchett


The potash mine which centered around Esterhazy resulted in one of the most uniquely-titled newspapers in Saskatchewan - The Potashville Miner-Journal.
For 50 years, the weekly paper was printed under the banner of The Esterhazy Observer.
During that time, Esterhazy emerged from a pioneer community to a vital rural community.
According to newspaper accounts, the first printing press was set up in 1907.
The plant was shipped from Winnipeg to Esterhazy by H.R. Sinclair and printer, Thomas Brown. Sinclair did not accompany the plant due to illness.
In order to clear the charges against the machinery that lay in the CPR freight sheds and put

into production, Brown required financial assistance. Arthur Ford, a well-known farmer, came to his rescue. After two or three years, Ford took over the newspaper, then known as the Esterhazy Observer and Pheasant Hills Adver-tiser.
In 1941, Earl Stotes-bury bought the paper. Stotesbury later sold the paper to his partner, W.M. Lobb and the paper underwent a name change to The News-Observer.
In 1950, Errik March and Dennis Larson purchased the business; in 1952, Bert McKay of Moosomin, then Jim Baugh.
In 1956, Don Tanner purchased the weekly newspaper from Baugh. In 1958, the old name was replaced by a new name, The Miner, signifying the coming changes as Esterhazy emerged

as and became the potash capital of the world. Tanner left in 1960 and the paper then became the responsibility of Bert McKay. At the time, Mckay was also the owner of the Langenburg Journal. He combined the two names into one title and created the name The Potashville Miner-Journal.
In January, 1972, McKay sold the newspaper to a new publisher, Robert Koskie. Koskie Publications Ltd. was formed in 1974.
In January, 1997, Bruce and Barb Penton, former owners of the Moosomin World-Spectator, assumed ownership of the paper. They sold the business to employee Brenda Matchett (Holmberg) in 2002 to start up The Wheat City Journal in Brandon, Man.

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