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Letter to the People of Saskatchewna

How does Saskatchewan rate in funding K-12 education as compared to other provinces and territories in Canada? Fact is Saskatchewan has the WORST rate!
Is this an important issue for you? Well if you like pay higher education property taxes than any other province it should be important for you! The provincial government is desperately trying to keep the school closures in rural Saskatchewan as an equality in education issue when in fact it is 100 per cent a money issue! The Calvert government is unfairly slashing rural division funding which is resulting in rural school boards to balance their budgets by closing schools and raising taxes!
I spent my weekend reading a provincial report, the Commission on Financing K-Grade 12 Education, December, 2003. It reports what the rural people of the province of Saskatchewan have been saying for years and years. The report can be downloaded from:
The report clearly indicates that Saskatchewan has the highest education property taxes in Canada, on a per capita basis and as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product.
It also states that education property taxes are not as fair as other forms of taxation, particularly income and sales taxes.
In Saskatchewan, locally leveled property assessment tax revenue, funds 60 per cnet of the total K-12 education cost in the province. Two provinces are in a range of 21.9-32.1 per cent; one province is in 15-20 per cent range; two provinces under 10 per cent; and seven provinces or territories at 0 per cent% of the local levied property tax. Saskatchewan is the clear LOSER! We have the highest rate! Almost double the rate of the next closest province.
If you look at provincial funding for K-12 education on a per capita basis, we are the WORST in Canada. Saskatchewan average per capita is $587 and the Canadian average is $904. In Western Canada per capita education spending is much higher; B.C. \$1077, Alberta \$1219 and Manitoba is \$839. We hold this No. 1 position as the LOWEST funding on a per capita basis over a 20 per cent margin from the next lowest province, Ontario at \$745.
David Gleim
Chaplin, Sask.

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David Gleim

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