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Main Street mall

One day when I was shopping downtown Main Street, Esterhazy, in the month of November, I was walking on the sidewalk carrying some items that I bought, with bags in both hands. Every store has an entry door on the sidewalk and some doors take more effort to open. I saw a senior citizen having trouble opening a store door for she had some bags in her hand. I helped her and while I was going into the Dollar Store I thought of an idea. I told the store owner: "wouldn't it be nice if Esterhazy had a shopping mall just like there is in Yorkton, with the walkway going straight through the walls joining all the stores, from the Royal Bank all the way to Pharmasave or to the end of Main Street?" She was surprised to hear me with that idea, but kidded me: "People wouldn't get their arm exercise". I told her it would be a a lot warmer in the store if the door was not always being opened. There could be automatic doors at each end of the mall. The vacant bakery store could be a lounge area with seating available, a wishing well water fountain, perhaps a place to buy all the different tasting coffees, just like in Yorkton, and a doughnut to go. Esterhazy could use a sporting goods store that would have hunting licences and accessories to do with hunting at the mall hunting coveralls, etc. It could also have skis, boots, everything to do with four seasons of activities for Esterhazy and area, and as well as some outlet stores that are in Yorkton for people to shop locally, located in the mall here in Esterhazy. I talked to some store owners and they like the idea about Esterhazy having a shopping mall on Main Street. It would be a little touch of Yorkton The Esterhazy Mosaic Mall.

GREGORY HEMMING, Esterhazy, Sask.

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