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Thank you to Friends of the Flour Mill

The little time I had to spend at the museum while it was being evaluated for National Historical Site designation was much appreciated. Thanks to Marilyn Sparrowhawk for the call. I've often remembered my times as a little boy in Esterhazy. The times that I mentioned to Helen Solmes (The Miner- Journal, Nov. 19, 2007)) with grandfather Joseph Junek were more specifically to do with the mill. As Helen mentioned, over the years we've been here to visit our parents and seen the mill slowly slide into disrepair, to the point we feared it would be torn down as most of the elevators have been throughout the prairies. Indeed we have brought our children and now our grandchildren to see the old mill and other points of interest in the surrounding communities and taken their pictures in front of the old mill, telling stories about growing up on the prairies. My children are particularly interested in their lineage, the old family names including grave sites of their ancestral pioneers. I don't recall if Grandfather Junek had a truck to serve the needs of the mill prior to the one which I remember; however, I believe the year was 1951 when grandfather purchased a new one-ton Chevrolet to serve the needs of his growing business. The truck is still in the community to this day. In 1955-56 grandfather purchased another new truck a one-ton Chevrolet, and my dad, Mel Paulger, purchased the 1951 unit, to serve the needs of his farm in the Clumber District north of Esterhazy. The first truck was used for many years on the farm as a grain hauler from the fields and of course to deliver grain to the elevators in Bredenbury, indeed the truck delivered wheat for girst back to the old mill in Esterhazy many times. As a note of interest, the two trucks were purchased to the best of my knowledge, at Herperger/Piercey Ltd., located on Main St. Esterhazy. I'm sure a lot of the folks here are related to the owners of that historic business. Just a quick peek in the phone book confirmed that, lots of Herpergers and just one Piercy, M. Well I know who that is Mildred. So I called her and made arrangements to visit before my wife and I returned to Nanaimo. As a little boy, all of three- or four-years-old, I used to hitch a ride on a wood-wheeled wagon with a wood box and no springs called a dray wagon. The man driving the wagon, well his name was Vanderhaeghe. I really wish I could remember his first name. Mother may recall. At any rate, yes, he would be going past waste pile north of town to broaden my experiences as a little boy. Vanderhaeghe, now there is a name that is famous in horse racing circles. Congratulations to the family to have such a great legacy to look back on. I am sure that there are a thousand stories similar to mine, so I'll not go on and on. I just wanted all of you folks who worked hard and long to restore the mill. You folks have touched our hearts in doing such a great job in brining a piece of history along into the present, and preserving it for the future. Again, congratulations and thank you.


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