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The Miner-Journal is a Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper published at the office of Koskie Publication, 606 Veterans Avenue in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada – Potash Capital of the World.

The Miner-Journal is proud to serve the Potashville area. This area includes the communities of: Esterhazy, Stockholm, Dubuc, Atwater, Bangor, Spy Hill, Tantallon, Yarbo, Gerald, Rocanville, Churchbridge, Langenburg and Bredenbury.

Charity Golf raises $217,000
Sept. 21, 2015
2013 December 31

With corporate sponsors, and individual fundraisers, this year’s Charity Golf Classic raised $217,000. Photo by Kenneth J Kerr

Charity Golf Classic raises $217,000
Sept. 21, 2015
2013 December 31
by Brenda Matchett

The 15th annual Charity Golf Classic was held on Sept. 14 at Carlton Trail Regional Park with the supper and banquet following in the evening at S.N. Boreen Centre.
As the amount raised gets closer to the amount required, many individuals have questions and concerns if the hospital will ever come to fruition. MLA Bob Bjornerud was on hand to help put some concerns to rest. “I’ve had people say to me this spring, in the last budget, that the Weyburn hospital was announced, and someone said to me that’s a real bad thing, why wasn’t Esterhazy first? But you know what? That’s a positive thing that happened, because they are out of the road and now the others that have to be built are next in line for money. I can’t say we’re next in line, I hope we are, but I’m telling you tonight it’s coming, just bear with it.”
“You’re very close to getting the amount of money you need for when the announcement is made. Maybe it’s in this budget, maybe it’s in the next budget, all I can ask you to do is keep working hard and keep raising the money and get all your dollars in place. For when the announcement’s made it would be a shame to all of a sudden run back out and say we need a bit more money before we can start. Because you know as well as I do that your community will raise the money that’s needed, but let’s keep moving towards our goal, because it’s going to happen sooner or later, I can tell you that much.”
Most charity organizations like this don’t survive this long. “In 15 years, this group and the community has raised $2,885,000. We’ve just about hit $3 Million, and this is the major fundraiser for the St. Anthony’s Hospital Building Fund. This is where the hospital will get built, from this group coming up with the money,” said Chair Don Hood.
“The community share that we need is $7.5 Million. We’re sitting, counting today’s money, at $6.5 Million. So we are close. And we’re close to being ready when the government comes along and says ‘Okay, we’ve got our money’. I know provincial money is tight, but getting Weyburn and some of these regional hospitals out of the way is a good thing. And I believe that we are rising up towards the top of the list, and in the not too distant future, if oil prices would turn around, and potash prices moved up a little, we’re getting close to the top.”
Dr. Mandi Nel spoke on the importance of a new hospital. “Esterhazy is a small but very vibrant community, and as far as our team, I would like to tell you that we are committed to ensuring stable medical services, and exceptional patient care. As we all know, we are working towards a new hospital. And it is amazing to see how far we’ve come, and how close we are,” said Dr. Nel.
“During the past few years, we have had multiple problems with our facility. Most recently we had to replace the air conditioning, and I’m sure that both patients and staff alike would report that it was quite uncomfortable during a couple of particularly hot summer weeks. But fortunately, we were privileged enough to get the resources to buy some much needed fans. This is just one of the examples of our facility showing its age, as well as the community’s commitment to enable resources.
She also spoke on the advantages a hospital would have on recruiting new physicians. “We have to compete with other rural communities when it comes to recruiting and retaining physicians. A new hospital would be, and is, a very important part of the medical services that this community can offer to our future and current physicians. It makes our community a lot more attractive to work in…”

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