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The Miner-Journal is a Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper published at the office of Koskie Publication, 606 Veterans Avenue in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada – Potash Capital of the World.

The Miner-Journal is proud to serve the Potashville area. This area includes the communities of: Esterhazy, Stockholm, Dubuc, Atwater, Bangor, Spy Hill, Tantallon, Yarbo, Gerald, Rocanville, Churchbridge, Langenburg and Bredenbury.

25 Years of Business: Sound Stage Music and Kerr’s Bouncers and Inflatables

2013 December 31

Trevor Kerr celebrated his 25th Anniversary at the fundraising carnival held in Esterhazy on Feb. 1 at the S.N. Boreen Centre. Kerr cut the cake for all to enjoy. Pictured above is Trevor Kerr with some of the children who were enjoying the wide array of bouncers that filled the hall to the brim. Photo by Brenda Matchett

Kerr celebrates 25 years in business

2013 December 31
by Richelle Peace

by Richelle Peace
Trevor Kerr celebrated his 25th year of business named, Sound Stage Music and Kerr’s Bouncers and Inflatables, alongside the final fundraising event for the new playground in Esterhazy on Feb. 1.
Kerr originally started his business with a friend from high school with no experience and together, they focused on strictly DJing. “It all started with Sound Stage Music and that was back in 1988,” recalled Kerr. His friend had convinced him that it would be a fun way to get out and make some money at the same time, so they started out small. They owned some of their DJ equipment but would rent some too. “We started off small and modest,” said Kerr. He reminisced about the first function the two had played, which was in Churchbridge, for a wedding and said they were considering turning around because of their nerves. “It was a scary moment,” Kerr laughed. After four years of working together, his partner went his separate way and Kerr has been running the business ever since with the help of his wife and two daughters, constantly adding more options of entertainment to make his customers happy. “That’s the important part for me. You have to take care of the customers first, and in my mind, that’s what it’s all about. We work hard for every customer to make his or her event a success,” he said.
Kerr got involved with inflatable bouncers seven years ago, with the help of his brother-in-law who had ordered a few from the States for his own kids to have fun in the backyard. Kerr knew that “it would be perfect for his business” because it would be something he could add on to his already existing business that dealt with music and sound systems and connections with a few towns and cities. “I had no intention of getting into this, and I had no idea they existed at the time. If my brother-in-law wouldn’t have bought these two, I still would not be in the business,” Kerr expressed. He first ordered five inflatables to start with and the business took off in another huge way. Thinking back, Kerr believed he first took the inflatables out to the Railway Days in Melville and since then he has travelled many distances, including as far as Winnipeg, to offer entertainment for several different events for numerous people. “They’re all special in their way and it doesn’t matter if it’s a small event or a large event,” stated Kerr. When he celebrated his 25th business anniversary, Kerr couldn’t believe all the comments and congratulations he received on Facebook and in person. “Past clients that we’ve serviced fifteen years ago still remember us and we’re still being appreciated. That was nice,” Kerr reflected. He was glad that people are pleased with what he does.
Currently, Kerr offers a variety of options for entertainment such as carnival games, inflatable bouncers, DJing, and even different sizes of inflatable outdoor TV screens. He does close to one hundred functions a year for DJing events which can be put on by his wife, who DJ’s on weekends, and Kerr also has a few other great DJ’s that work for him. On the other side of his business, he presently has twenty different inflatables from the simple bouncers to the more extravagant obstacle course ones. He also provides activities such as a portable nine hole mini golf course, foam sumo suits, outdoor TV screens, and carnival games, that are stored in Kerr’s overflowing basement, garage, and enclosed trailers.
Kerr’s plans for the future include adding more and more to his business even though it is already packed with countless fun activities for all ages. “I’m always adding,” laughed Kerr. “We do so many big shows every year with the inflatables so we always have to keep them fresh and bring in new ones. I’ve got some very good ideas for further expansion,” said Kerr. “You never know exactly what we’re doing. I’m working on a few things right now for a matter of fact!”
Be sure to book an event well in advance with Sound Stage and Kerr’s Bouncers and Inflatables. Contact Trevor Kerr at 1-306-793-2025 and check out his Facebook page for additional information and pictures from previous events done by him and his family. “I never thought it would end up like this but it’s going well. I couldn’t do this without my family,” said Kerr. “This is definitely a family business and they are so very important.” He is very fortunate of his wife and two high school daughters and the wonderful staff he has had the opportunity to work with for past events.

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